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      Schools Bachelor Programs Master programs Doctor programs
      School of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
      Agricultural Water Conservancy Engineering
      Waterworks Engineering
      Water and Hydropower Engineering Agricultural Water-Soil Engineering
      Energy and Power Engineering
      Earth Science and Engineering Exploration Technology and Engineering Geological Resources & Geological Engineering  
      Resources Prospecting Engineering
      Physical Geography and Resource & Environment Geological Engineering
      Geographical Information System
      School of Machinery and Equipment Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering  
      Mechanical Design -Manufacturing and Automation
      Mechatronics Engineering
      Materials Formation and Control Engineering Intelligent Equipment and Safety Engineering
      Vehicle Engineering
      Automobile Service Engineering
      Measurement & Control and Instrumentation
      School of Architecture and Art Architecture ( 5 years ) Architecture  
      Urban and Rural Planning ( 5years )
      Landscape Architecture
      Environment Design Architecture and Civil Engineering
      Visual Communication Design
      Product Design
      School of Civil Engineering City Underground Space Engineering Geotechnical Engineering  
      Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering Structural Engineering
      Road Bridge and River-crossing Engineering Architecture and Civil Engineering
      Traffic Engineering
      Civil Engineering Project Management
      Engineering mechanics
      School of Energy and Environmental Engineering Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering Municipal Engineering  
      Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering Heat, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering
      New Energy Science and Engineering Environmental Engineering
      Environment Engineering Architecture and Civil Engineering
      School of Information and Electrical Engineering Computer Science and Technology Computer Science and Technology  
      Software Engineering
      Internet of Things
      Telecommunication Engineering Software Engineering
      Electronics and Information Engineering
      Automation Computer Techniques
      Electrical Engineering and Automation
      School of Mining and Mapping Engineering Surveying and Mapping Engineering Mining Engineering  
      Remote Sensing Science and Technology
      Mining Engineering Mine Spatial Information Engineering
      Safety Engineering
      Mineral Resource Engineering
      School of Material Science and Engineering Process Equipment and Control Engineering Materials Engineering  
      Metallic Materials Engineering
      Metallurgical Engineering
      Composite Materials and Engineering Resources Application Geochemistry
      Chemical Engineering and Technology
      Applied Chemistry
      School of Management Engineering and Business Accounting logistics Engineering  
      Business Administration Management Science and Engineering
      Engineering Management Industrial Engineering
      International Economics and Trade Business Management
      Information Management and Information Systems Project Management
      Economics Accounting
      School of Mathematical and Physical Science and Engineering Information and Computing Science Applied Statistics  
      Applied Statistics
      Applied Physics
      Opt-electric Information Science and Engineering
      Medical School Medical Laboratory Clinical Medicine  
      Medical Imaging Technology
      Rehabilitation Therapeutics
      Clinical Medicine ( 5 years)
      School of Landscape and Ecological Engineering Agronomy Crops  
      Plant Protection Botanical Garden
      Horticulture Plant Protection
      Botanical Garden Rural and Regional Development
      Facility agricultural science and Engineering
      School of Life Science and Food Engineering Veterinary Medicine Zootechny  
      Animal Science Livestock and Poultry Production Safety and Control
      Food Science and Engineering
      Food Quality and Safety Food Processing and Security
      Facility agricultural science and Engineering Breeding
      School of Humanity and Law Chinese Language & Literature  
      Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL)
      English Language & Literature
      Cultural Heritage and Museology
      Department of Public Sports Leisure Sports